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Case closed: Lawyer Watson leading the defence

LAW DEFENDER: Nicky-Ray Watson in action (Photo: Emma Gibson)




NICKY-RAY WATSON admits leading a case for the defence on the pitch helps him lay down the law off it.

The right-back’s good judgement has seen him become a cornerstone of the Newmains backline this season. When he’s not pulling on the jersey he’s operating as a high-flying insolvency lawyer with top firm Harper Macleod.

He reckons there’s plenty of evidence to show turning out for the League Two side provides the perfect break from the intensities of the courtroom.

Watson, 31, said: “It can be hard to find time for football outside of work as we work long hours as a lawyer. I always try to make sure I can get away for football though as it’s a good release for me.

“Getting away and enjoying my football is something a wee bit different. If I can get away to train during the week then get a game at the weekend it refreshes my mind.” 

 Both disciplines are about getting results, something Watson thrives on.

He said: “Becoming a lawyer came about more through education than disposition. I was doing well at school and I decided I’d try law. It’s always been something I find quite fascinating. It’s a varied degree but it’s inevitable doing it leads to becoming a lawyer.

 “I work with a commercial firm but I specialise in bankruptcy and insolvency. It’s an interesting area of law but when I say that to people they can think it’s quite grim!

 “It’s quite court-based so the best part is getting a good result in court. You can get a real buzz off that. I really enjoy my job.” 

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