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Curries help Newmains get the runs says Ross

PLENTY TO CHEW ON: Skipper David Ross reckons support from Pink Turban has helped Newmains get taste for success (Photo: Ben Banks)



IT’S National Curry Week – and David Ross reckons the Pink Turban’s food is HOT.

The Newmains United skipper tucked into a banquet of dishes at the club’s home shirt sponsor as part of the seven-day celebration of Indian food.

Ross has been part of a club that has spiced things up on and off the park as they stretched their unbeaten league run to four games.

But he knows it wouldn’t be possible without backers such as the Waterloo-based restaurant.

Ross – who wears Bhoona on his back as part of the club’s unique squad names – said: “Links like this are massive.

“Our co-manager Paul Davies touched on it in a previous interview when he talked about the club having massive outgoings meaning every penny counts.

“Anyone who sponsors the club is helping us out. There’s a lot to pay for whether it be the games, training, tracksuits or just the day-to-day running of the club.

“We need money all the time, especially as the club doesn’t have income coming from a particular place every week.

“People are attracted to the club with promotions and ideas like this.


CURRY FAVOUR: One of the many dishes available at the Pink Turban (Photo: Ben Banks)


“Better players will also be attracted to the club if we have the money to do well, which can only be a good thing.”

Ross was treated to a fiery meal after playing a key role in Saturday’s 3-3 draw with local rivals Carluke Rovers on Saturday.

United have been dining out too as that result saw them stretch their unbeaten league run to four games.

Fans who have bought the Newmains United £10 season ticket have been granted great value for money at Victoria Park.

But they’ve also been hungry to use it to get 20 percent off evening meals at The Pink Turban.

Ross can see why the unbelievable offer has given them food for thought.

He said: “The dishes that were brought out were lovely. I really enjoyed it. I’m a bit regretful I couldn’t eat all of it!

“The standard in here is really impressive though and I really enjoyed it all.

“I’m actually a bit of a softy when it comes to curries. I don’t like anything that is too hot!

“So I like a good chasni, something which isn’t too spicy. “I usually have the Bhoona on the back of my top. I should maybe try and get into them a little bit more!”

The Pink Turban do the best buffets in the business and is based at 157 Wishaw Rd, Wishaw. ML2 8EN. More information at

For more details on National Curry Week go to


NAAN THE WISER: One of the many breads available at the Pink Turban (Photo: Ben Banks)