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Graduate Craig gets Brown interview – and his signed book

CRAIG PATULLO wanted to help Newmains United’s crowdfunding project for filming experience.

But he also got a surprise gift off Craig Brown for his dad.

The Aberdeen-born masters graduate in film and visual culture jumped at the chance to play a part in producing Help Newmains Make A Difference.

He filmed and interviewed ex-Scotland boss Craig Brown about his time playing for United’s forerunners Coltness United in 1958.

It turned out to be an opportunity he – and old man Graeme – will treasure forever.


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Craig, 25, said: “Getting to work with Newmains United on this amazing project was an experience I’ll never forget. When I applied I never expected to work with such a great team or for such an amazing club.

“I’ll always remember the first voice call with people at the club and the other contributors. Then the prospect of interviewing Craig Brown emerged. It felt like I’d been offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I hadn’t known at the time but my dad is a massive fan of Craig’s. He didn’t believe me at first when I said what I was doing the day before we were due to meet.

“I was nervous going to meet Craig at Cove Rangers’ Stadium in Aberdeen. While I waited for Craig to arrive I felt a great sense of achievement that I’d been hired for this project and given this chance to prove my ability.

“I think Craig noticed I was nervous so to break the ice, he started joking and showing us his injuries. He really helped calm my nerves. He was passionate and enthusiastic about the production and spoke fondly of his experiences playing at Victoria Park.

“He was happy to answer all the questions I’d prepared and I thought it couldn’t get any better – then it did. At the end of the interview I asked if I could have an autograph for my dad.

“He told me to wait a minute and walked out of the room. A moment later he returned from his car with something wrapped in a scarf. He unwrapped it to reveal a copy of his autobiography ‘Craig Brown: The Game of My Life’ which he’d signed for my dad.

“Craig is a man who just kept on giving. He had given me an amazing experience and a gift that will never be beaten. Needless to say I was happy – and so was my dad when I told him about his gift.

“The fact Craig contacted the club afterwards to say he was happy with the interview made it a real golden day in my production career and an experience which I’ll probably ever match.”

Craig’s footage of Brown was then added by camera work at the club taken by Hannah Wilson, who directed proceedings in conjunction with London-based editor Holly Winship.

United are hoping the film can help them raise much-needed funds to allow them to upgrade their clubhouse so they can put on community ventures to improve wellness, education and mental health.

Craig added: “I can’t thank the production team involved enough for their encouragement and acceptance of me as a member of the production team. Neither can I thank Newmains United enough for the opportunity to work with them. It’s something I’ll never stop telling people about.”


To see Craig’s work and how to donate click here.