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Josh becomes first to graduate

NEWMAINS UNITED would like to congratulate Josh Kane after he became the first member of the Media Academy to land a staff job.

Josh, 25, has recently been handed a reporter role on the Ayr Advertiser newspaper.

He was among the early batch of volunteers to offer their services to the club in the summer and has quickly become a key and committed member of the press team.

As well as reporting on games and conducting interviews he also contributes a regular and insightful He’s The Stats Man column which examines the form and background of Newmains United’s upcoming opponents.

Thankfully Josh has agreed to stay on and continue to help the club as much as he can.

Newmains United Head of Communications Garth Law said: “The Newmains New Media Academy was set up with the aim of allowing aspiring journalists a chance to showcase their writing skills whilst also being given feedback in the hope it can help them develop and improve.

“Everyone at the club has been struck by Josh’s self-motivation and determination, as well as a dedication to meet deadlines with quality and insightful articles.

“He epitomises the type of people the academy is here for and we have absolutely no doubt he will be a success in his new job. We are also delighted he has offered to continue to help at the club as he is a valued member of the team.”

Want to follow in Josh’s footsteps and enroll on the Academy? We’d love to hear from you. Click here for more details.