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Meek battles back from horror lumps and clot

BRAVE: Goalkeeper Martyn Meek (Photo: Gerry McWilliams/MCW Photography)


MARTYN MEEK has lifted the lid on the lumps  and blood clot that left him hospitalised for over a month this season.

The Newmains No1 was sidelined after having growths removed from his scrotum.

A horror infection and blood clot following surgery left the plumber unable to work.

Yet brave Meek eventually returned to action and was soon performing heroics for the Victoria Park side.

Meek, 28, said: “I’ve actually had the procedure done three times in the last ten years.

“Due to where the lumps were I had them removed to be on the safe side. I had to get them tested as they could have been fat growths or cancerous cells. This time I was unfortunate to get the infection and a clot.” 

 Being out for so long wasn’t easy for a man who loves being in the thick of the action. But his pain was eased by spending time with his football-daft son.  

Meek explained: “I was able to be with my wee boy when I wasn’t working or playing football. I could do a few other things but my main focus was my son. He is a cracking wee guy and he loves kicking a ball now.

“He is coming up for two and he is already using his left foot!” 

But Meek is keeping his fingers crossed his lad isn’t a chip off the old block. He said: “I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a goalkeeper as we’re all daft!

“Hopefully he grows up to be a striker or something like that. But he loves football already so I’m happy.” 

Meek admits being fit to join up with the United squad in the final weeks of the campaign helped lift his spirits.

He said: “I definitely missed it. Being out wasn’t nice as I always enjoy my Saturdays. I’d go and see the games but you’d want to play football.

“It’s the reason you go to training and what you want to be doing. You work hard all week and you look forward to the game at the weekend.

“Being back in action alongside the good bunch of boys and management at the club put a smile back on my face.”

While his role in the team was to stop leaking goals, he was just as glad to be back on the tools.

He added: “I’m a plumber to trade. From a young age I knew there were two things I wanted to do – be a history teacher or a plumber.

“With a trade you always have a job and I felt you could always make extra money doing something like that.” 

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