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Newmains find a balance with yoga

GUPP FOR IT: Co-boss Craig Gupwell joins in with the yoga session (Photo: Ben Banks)



NEWMAINS suffered a late collapse on Saturday – but they hope a yoga session can help get them through the final stretch.

United led 2-1 against Lanark only to ship four goals in the last 25 minutes to crash to a 5-2 defeat.

Yoga instructor Kirsty Innes worked with the squad earlier in the season and is keeping tabs on their development this season.

Innes said: “The boys did really well and gave it a real good go.

“I think they had a lot of fun and it helped with the boys working together as it helps build team morale.


STEP TO IT: (l t r) Craig Scott, David Ross, Nicky-Ray Watson and Michael Barton lead the way (Photo: Ben Banks)


“I knew most of them hadn’t done yoga before so I thought I’d start with the beginner course.

“But after I saw they were all up for the challenge I threw in some more difficult poses.”

Co-boss Craig Gupwell also took part in the class and reckons his players have benefited from the experience.

He said: “It was something completely different for the boys but I think it is something we all enjoyed.

“I think it’s very important to do different stuff throughout the season.

“A lot of the boys hadn’t done yoga so it’s totally new to all of them.


FOLLOW THE LEADER: Yoga instructor Kirsty Innes guides the Newmains squad (Photo: Ben Banks)


“You could see everybody got a good laugh from it – there are quite a few inflexible boys in the team!

“We have got a lot of minutes in the legs so it was a good wee relaxing session for the boys to recover a wee bit.”

See the video from the session here .

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