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Newmains footage looks Ship-shape thanks to Holly

HOLLY WINSHIP started out studying as a music specialist.

Now she’s hoping to hit the high notes as a film editor with Newmains United.

London-based Holly jumped at the chance to get involved with things at Victoria Park and become the latest starlet to join the Media Academy.

She has already showed her commitment to the cause by travelling to North Lanarkshire to help out.

Holly said: “I live, work and breathe in London but I was keen to get involved with Newmains United when I heard about the opportunities they were offering.

“My experience in post-production, in tandem with my musical foundations, has developed into a passion for video editing.

“But I felt I needed on-set experience in order to fully understand the film-making process and take my editing skills to the next level. I’m hoping working with Newmains will help me to achieve this.”

But growing up Holly’s first love was a different kind of performing art.

She said: “I was accepted at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset as a music specialist. After school, I took an Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media.

“Through that I learned graphic design, how to shoot a short film, create a sound sequence and also completed a work placement at a news agency.

“This prepared me for work in the media industry and I’ve been working at various post-production houses in central London for the last seven years.

“I currently work in a visual effects house, prepping all the incoming media and quality checking the finished advert before sending it to broadcast. I also edit the company showreels and ‘Making Of’ videos.

“Now I can’t wait to start helping produce footage and films for Newmains.”



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