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Newmains offer support to Wishaw Juniors

PAUL DAVIES insists Newmains United will do anything they can to help Wishaw Juniors in their hour of need.

Wishaw’s new clubhouse was torched on Saturday, destroying the two-storey building.

United co-boss Davies was on holiday when he learned of the blaze at Beltane Park.

Before the vandalism Wishaw had offered the use of their ground to United while Victoria Park undergoes urgent work.

Now Davies wants to return the favour to their neighbours.

He said: “I was in Lanzarote last week when I received a message from David Lannigan, who is on the committee at Wishaw Juniors.

“At the time he was offering us the support to ground share whilst our own ground is being refurbished.

“It was a gesture both myself and Newmains United as a club were extremely grateful for.

“So you can imagine my shock when I was on social media 24 hours later and I saw the despicable act that had taken place at Beltane Park.

“Anyone involved in running a football club knows how hard it is without having to put up with mindless vandalism.

“We at Newmains United would now like to offer our support to David and the team at Wishaw.

“If there is anything we can do we’d be more than happy to help.”