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She’s Electric: Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jordan Electrics

MUM’S the word.
Craig Gupwell remembers swearing at his mum from the pitch one Mother’s Day – when he was just THIRTEEN.
The Newmains United co-manager was on the books at Motherwell as a kid.
He was always a fierce competitor but admits he let things get a bit too heated during a match with Kilmarnock’s Under-13s.
Gupwell, who recently turned 30, said: “We were losing 1-0 and my mum was shouting on a bit of encouragement because we weren’t playing well.
“I shouted back and told her to ‘eff off’. One of the other mums who was there shouted ‘You can’t speak to her like that, it’s Mother’s Day!’ But she then got told to ‘eff off’ as well!”
Gupwell maybe didn’t realise it at the time but he now appreciates just how much time and energy administrative assistant Liz devoted to helping his football career.
He said: “I played with Motherwell for a long time and got to the Under-19s and reserve sides.
“To do that my mum really did sacrifice a lot of her time, and especially her social life, to take me to matches.
“I really am grateful for what she did now – but at the time I sometimes took my frustration out on her!
“I’m really lucky to have her though. She went part-time at work once my brother and I were born so she’s always been there to help out.”
Gupwell is celebrating other mothers today too. He weds partner Daniela in six weeks, mum to their four-year-old son Alessio
He added: “I also want to say happy Mother’s Day to my partner, Daniela and her mum, Maria.
“They are both great for me when it comes to my football and helping with childcare so I can continue doing what I enjoy.
“Training takes up two nights a week and there is the match on a Saturday so it means I’m out of the house a fair bit with football. I’ve got a wee boy who’s just turned four so all their help is amazing.”
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