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KIDS IN: 2007s get used to the new normal

newmains united football club


THEY’RE only able to work with ten players at a time.

But Newmains United’s youth coaches are getting used to the new normal.

The 2007s have been training at Smithycroft in Hamilton.

Strict social distancing rules are obviously being adhered too.

But it’s also made it tougher for coaches like Sergio Zeverino, Iain Mitchell, Cammy Browning and Dylan Clark to get to know their squad as a whole.

Clark said: “In a normal year I’d have got to meet all the new players but due to the restrictions in place I have only really got the chance to work with the boys who are allocated to my group.”

With the three-way split of their Black and Red teams players have been kept busy with response drills intended to train striking and positioning with both feet.

Defensive and offensive movements, with players attacking and defending positions trying to keep the ball, have also been worked on.

Clark added: “We are limited to groups of ten boys and this means we aren’t getting to work on certain aspects of a game because of the small numbers and limited positions available in our groups.

“We’re very hopeful that soon the guidance will allow us to work in our full squad numbers and this is when we are able to really start the preparations with the squad for the upcoming season.”

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