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We’re on track after joining Player Data, says Guppy

CRAIG GUPWELL reckons being able to track players’ every move will help take Newmains to another level this season.

United have joined the Player Data stable for the upcoming West of Scotland League season.

The company specialise in GPS tracking equipment and Gupwell and fellow co-boss Paul Davies will now be able to call on the stats they’ll provide.

Gupwell said: “We’re really delighted and honoured to be signing up with Player Data for this season.

“From the first conversation I had with Elliot there it all sounded really interesting and I personally got really excited at the prospect of being able to take our game to the next level.

“The data we will now have access to will really help us push the players on and squeeze that wee bit extra out of them.

“We are entering a new more professional set up within the WOSFL and we feel the addition of the GPS tracking will be a helpful tool in making sure we are competitive within the new set up.

“All the players are excited about the kit arriving as well and I’m sure there’ll be some friendly competition between them once the data becomes available.”

A Player Data spokesperson added: “We’re incredibly excited about our most recent signing with Newmains United.

“Our goal is to make data accessible and clubs such as Newmains United are taking our technology and proving it is possible.

“The coming months will see them begin to collect data they can use to put stats behind decisions, get an overall picture of player load and ultimately enhance their game and give them that edge. Together we will revolutionise the game.”