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Chairman: United continuing to make strides off the pitch

IN TH CHAIR: Ken Davies


NEWMAINS UNITED haven’t played on the pitch for three months.

But chairman Ken Davies insists that’s not stopped them making progress off it.

The hard working team have used the lockdown to make enormous strides at improving their historic home at Victoria Park.

Their clubhouse has been revamped to include a brand-new manager’s office, refereeing facilities and upgraded toilets.

It’s been a hands-on approach from Davies, who has been carrying out a lot of the work in his own time.

He said: “Obviously the pandemic is of major concern to us all, that’s priority number one for everyone.

“But it has given us an opportunity to do other things. We’ve done a lot of renovations. The manager’s office has been finished this week and the clubhouse in general has seen huge improvements.

“We are all trying to advance the club from base-level up and not just on the pitch.”

Davies has vast experience in off-the-park organisation after long-periods working with Motherwell and Gretna.

The club has also been making sure Victoria Park is as covid-safe as possible for the return, whenever that will be.

They have put together a substantial book of documentation which conveys every protocol that has to be followed.

This doesn’t only consider the eventual return of supporters but it also makes sure players and officials are well taken care of.

Players will be required to be two-metres apart in the changing room - and Davies believes their forward-planning will help to cope.

Davies is also looking forward to the day fans can return.

He said: “We’d all love to have spectators back in. They’re the heart of the club and they’re the people that keep clubs going.

“It’s not just the income you get, it’s the atmosphere and it’s great when you see people in the clubhouse at half and full-time.

“We can’t wait to have fans back but it has to be in a controlled manner and that’s the hard part.

“We don’t have stewards so we would have to provide volunteers to help out. We want them back but we also want to make sure they’re safe.”